◾"Let’s get you to the hospital."

"I’m not injured though…?" 

Clearly, he was too focused on the mechanics to even notice the bruises, cuts, and all the other forms of injuries left upon him. Nonetheless, he was injured and… things get kind of graphic.

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» The first living house guest|| closed rp with dazzling sparks


" Quinn, Cher, go out back and feed the litwicks those rattata souls. We don’t need them feeding on our guest’s energy, oui?" Fantina said turning to the young feminine figure who silently nodded their head and turned to go to do their chore.

Shin appeared and waved to the door silently.

"Oh? Here already? Let him in and direct him to the parlor. I shall go make tea." She said as the dusknoir disappeared with a bow.

Somehow, Fantina managed to convince him to go from Sunyshore all the way to Hearthome. Of course, he wasn’t all that impressed or amused by the whole gesture. After all, he always thought of Fantina as someone rather…shady or even sketchy. 

Volkner stood in front of her mansion. Whatever it was, she better be quick because he does not like the atmosphere here… it was a little too eerie for his liking. 

"Whatever it is she better be quick about it," he muttered very soft and low to himself but of course, the agitation was evident in his tone. 

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» wake up with a boom


Taking Volkner’s silence with stride, Jasmine didn’t fail to notice his polite smile and promptly punctuated her gushing with a sheepish smile. “All’s well that ends well there, at least…!” 

Volkner didn’t appear fazed as he relayed his reasons for being so disinterested in his gym challenges, but that wasn’t out of the ordinary, as far as Jasmine knew. Still… “Maybe they’ll surprise you today!…” She tried with an added touch of gesture with her arms for effect. That was a problem, though… It was possible that he’d gotten too strong…

image ”How… perfect!” She could finish out her visit in Sinnoh with a bit of fun in Sunyshore before starting the voyage back home if she didn’t get worn down too fast. “I’d forgotten of these types of events happening here at this time of year.”

He couldn’t help but to smile a bit more and let out a soft but short giggle at her optimistic suggestion. Jasmine’s gestures lightened his mood from that a little bit, though not really changing his mind on the whole situation but he still responded, "Maybe—hopefully."

His hands slipped into the pockets of his jeans. A soft sigh was let out, he wasn’t disappointed or tense or anything like that, but rather more or less relieved at the very slightest. However, his attention turned to Jasmine after her first exclamation. 

"Events?" Volkner questioned and then he stopped, thinking to himself. Oh… he had a broad idea, but he didn’t want to put words into her mouth. It wasn’t like he went to those events frequently anyways, so him lacking knowledge in that wasn’t uncommon. 

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» Ask the Character about their Roleplayer

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Having Volkner accept his request to accompany him around the city somehow made him just a little more excited with anticipation. Mostly, he wanted to know what set this city apart from Olivine City and why Jasmine seemed to have such a good time when she visited. Though, the fact that it was already similar to Olivine probably made her feel more at home.

"Well then, I’m sure you know of all the hot spots around the city." Morty smiled, in anticipation while he waited for the other blonde to lock up the gym.


"You don’t have to take me anywhere touristy, if you’d rather go someplace else. I’m sure you’ve seen all the tourist attractions countless of times." 

It was a miracle for Volkner to accept his offer and he was afraid that he was already regretting this already. Honestly, he knew that he was bad at giving meaningful and insightful accounts of the things to do and the things to see at Sunyshore… But hey! At least he wouldn’t get lost…hopefully. Maybe the first place he’d take Morty be the beach maybe, it’s one of the places that fascinated most people who were not from Sunyshore. 

After a final click that was emitted from the lock, he stuck a sign on the glass doors, indicating that he would not be available until he returns to the gym. 

Morty’s words sounded almost a little, pressuring in a sense. The electric type gym leader has never actually given a tour around the city, maybe he pointed out where the PokeMart or the Pokemon Centre was, but that was pretty much it. 

"How ‘bout we head over to the beach?" Volkner suggested."It’s one of Jasmine’s favourite places to go when she’s here." 

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"I can’t do this anymore."

"I don’t know what it is you can’t do anymore honestly," Volkner looked at the other perplexed and confused.

Then he stood there for a second, recognizing the effects of the words. He may appear to be one of the most apathetic beings alive but somewhere deep down, he cared for people…well, at least a little bit (hopefully)! 

"But if you think it’s right and you want to do it then keep on doing it, don’t give up," A very faint smile made its way onto his lips as those lips slipped out of his mouth in a very nonchalant fashion. "But you don’t have to if you don’t want to." 

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» Two blazing new followers



"Ello~ I’m Flannery, may I have your name."

"The name’s Volkner, gym leader of Sunyshore city from the Sinnoh region." 

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