Dazzling Sparks
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     ❝ Guess who’s back! ❞

"Is there something you need pipsqueak?"

Who’s the piece of shit that woke me up from my beauty sleep?”

It was his alarm clock, that’s what. 

track name: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
artist: Green Day
album: American Idiot
play count: 139

I walk this empty street

On the Boulevard of broken dreams

Where the city sleeps

And I’m the only one and I walk alone

fogbadge whispered: hydrangea

The almost scentless flower fragrance reminds Volkner of that one time his parents took him to the Valley Windworks when he was ten. Even though her was a lot more fascinated with the giant windmills, he could remember faintly the pleasant scent of hydrangea

fogbadge whispered:

♪ - Are they musically inclined? 

No, Volkner is not. While he’s great at science-techish things (and mathematics), he lacks when it comes to music and arts in general.

track name: Jaded
artist: Aerosmith
album: Just Push Play
play count: 2293


Jaded - Aerosmith 

saffronnights whispered: Don't chase the rabbit

{ϟ} …flashback…{ϟ}

"Alright Pikachu, you ready pal?" Volkner, eagerly eyeing his first Pokemon, a newly acquired Pikachu—he was five, and so full of energy. 

"Pika!" The Pikachu jumped with excitement as it followed Volkner into one of the grass patches in hopes of finding a Pokemon to battle. 

Then a wild Starly jumped out of a bush. 

Volkner grinned, swiftly pointing towards the bird Pokemon. His blue eyes lit up in determination before making his command.

"Go Pikachu! Use tackle!"